BUY a Face Mask


** Other items can be ordered with a face mask, but this may delay your mask order. **

Are you, or do you know of someone in need of face masks? We may be able to help with our handmade cloth masks!


  • 2 layers of tightly woven cotton and a layer of non-woven interfacing
  • A small opening in the back to insert a surgical face mask
  • Each mask measures approximately 3.5” x 8" when folded
  • We aim to ship these within 3-5 business days

We are also in contact with healthcare workers that are in need of these masks and will donate as many masks as we can possible make. Are you a healthcare worker or would you like to donate supplies or a mask to someone that needs one? Please send an email to

We will try to accommodate color and pattern preference, but stock is limited. Fabric options depend on availability and you may receive 2 of the same color. 

** These are NOT medical grade masks. Please continue to practice social distancing. **